In this society, where modified self image is everything, how do we admit things that might detract from the perfect image people are creating of us, by us? Failure is the only sure way to long term success, because through failure, we grow.

Do we build enough failure into our lives?

I think not.

I admit, I build it in there. In manageable chunks, just enough to scare me. But it’s there. Through sport, through work. I procrastinate, enough to scare me into action. This is normal. It’s not some tactic I purposefully do – it just happens. I feel despondent, I do less, I realise I need to up my game or there will literally be no food on the table, so I lift the game.

When I head out the door on specific bike rides that involve going to failure, its there to practise – to see the limit and feel it, then have it crush me to make me stronger.

To my wife, I admit my weaknesses in the hope that together, we can work them into strengths. In the moment, it totally sucks, but we gut it out and hopefully, we come out stronger. Failure, for strength.

See the pattern? Here, I am admitting failure, and yet, I believe most of you see my life as a constant success. But I assure you, its not. Neither is yours, or the guy next to you – his life is filled with failures too. Help him. Help yourself.

Help. Me.