Self doubt is an ugly thing. I deal with it as a father, as a husband and as a business owner. I deal with it as a friend, a son, a brother.


As an athlete.


As a human.


Am I doing enough for my son?

Will sales dry up and my little business fold

It wiggles its way into every crack and reacts to every emotion. It has in the past been a crippling thing for me, creating apathy and making it ok for me to be a completely useless employee, boyfriend and athlete.

Completely, utterly useless.

There is no overcoming this condition. Period. It’s there for the rest of your life. Everybody you know has these emotions. Will you allow it to stop you from doing amazing things? Will you allow it to lead you, or will you take the Monster for a walk?

So what is the one tremendous thing you should do to conquer this doubt

Sadly, I have no answer to that. What I have is experience in doing the little things, looking out for the small wins and knowing that when you put them all together, they make a difference.

Learn to spot the small positive things. Whether it’s the small confirmations from friends and loved ones or the PR you achieved up your favourite climb in Strava.

Stop doing everything for yourself. Step out of the centre of your universe and it will have all sorts of positive effects.

Stretch your identity. Buy something you normally wouldn’t – something simple like a shirt and see how people will comment positively.

Move. Above all. Move. Move physically. Move mentally. Move emotionally. Mostly, move. Movement is life. Without it, no progression is possible.



17th May 2017