Recently, I have cleared a whole load (literally about 200kg) of stuff out of my office. We did the same at home. Then, I lifted a ton of mental weight off my mind by buying this audio book on Audible.

It made me acutely aware of the level of communication I was putting out into the world. Gossip. Aggression. Drama. Undertones. I really disliked the way I was talking to people and clients, even more when it was in a super subtle way, and even more when I couldn’t rise to the occasion to lower the undertone when they raised it. I just went with it and dug that hole, you know.

Between those two lots of lifting, I feel quite good at the moment. My approach to concerns is better, my relationship with my wife is better and I speak to my son with more empathy and from a stronger place. It’s powerful. It brings peace.

It also made me realise how filled with aggression, hyper-opinionated people all my timelines are, and now I go back to another thing my wife recently suggested to me.

If I can’t explain how my environment works, like how a needle brings the same sound from a piece of plastic through a speaker, that was created in a studio 30 years ago (a turntable), or how the fridge freezes one side and how the fridge works, or even how the local government controls the speed of water to my house, who the fuck am I to judge the intricate nuances and ongoings in other peoples’ lives, and how they go about their lives.

I am letting people be. Huge shift in how my world looks right now. Here are some examples:

I let the Twitter anti-doping trolls troll. A simple unfollow works well. It’s not worth getting into. I have total empathy for their plight, but they are going about it the wrong way. Be free, drama!

When someone gossips about someone, I bring empathy for that person into the conversation rather than add to the gossip. 10/10 times, the conversations swings to a positive.

With my son, he is in a phase of shouting louder for attention, when he wants it. I lower my voice and get super intense in the task with him, and within 8 seconds he’s got what he wants and plays on his ace again. Previously I would get irritated because I wanted something, rather than consider his needs (he’s 2, FFS). I feel so rad and he gets what he wants. BOOM.

Then, I got into a bit of a funk, probably a withdrawal of sorts (a lot changed!), but today, I have seemingly crossed over to the positive and my hustle is back. I can feel it. I feel woke, fam! Get in there break down these dramagressive conversations and posts, negative general sentiments and just general foghorn behaviour.

Next up, time to unfriend a thousand people and unfollow another thousand.

21st June 2018