Next year, I am 40. What the actual. How did it sneak up so quickly?

The busyness of life has crept hard with having Jackson, business life (expanded to co-owning a restaurant recently) and maintaining some form of fitness through it all. It has been three years since I raced properly, or rather, put a training block together and so, into winter, I entered Cape Town Marathon with the hope of running a 2:45 marathon.

All went well until I dove onto our table at home, rescuing my son from diving head first into the table, and tore my calf in the process. I hobbled in 8 weeks later with a seriously misbalanced left calf and very little running, sneaking in under 3 hours with lots of lessons in there.

The running formed part of a bigger build up, to Cape Epic in 2019, with my old mate Matthew Warner-Smith from the land down under. We’ll be doing all we can to get as fit as possible. Reasoning is simple.

We are both hyper competitive people. We want to race the toughest mountain bike stage race in the world against the toughest field.

Cape Epic ticks those two, firmly.

I hope to document the journey quite well and thought it was time to revive the old Urban Ninja for myself, as a way to be able to look back afterward, and see what we achieved.

Now, let’s get riding.


31st October 2018