Hello Friend

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

So to state the obvious…

Yes, all the content is gone. We have moved it all here.

A whole new look and feel, because, well, I am not the guy I was in 2010. I am a dad now. A husband. I run my own business, from a home we bought, in the burbs.

So why even bother starting this up again?


The purging of the emotions or relieving of tensions, especially through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or music.

Over the last two years I have felt this range of emotions build up and recently, I started journaling and it made me long to write more than I was longing to ride my bike (which is longing AF). So I called up my hombre and said (well it was Skype, he hates phone calls):

“Clean it out. Go deep. I want nothing left in there”

“Are you sure?”

“Do. It.”

The content here will be different to before, with a bit of the same, of course. Some of it will be useful to you, other pieces will be useless (dad stuff for those who don’t have Poo Machines at home), but the focus here is to just write and just keep the space for my personal catharsis whilst hoping I can grab some of you for a moment and share a story, anecdote or laugh with you.

My life has been filled with an unreal abundance in the last 5 years. A beautiful, strong wife who is a teammate extraordinaire. Together, we are raising a son who has just turned one, who fills us with emotions we never knew existed. He is just so very rad.

I have experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship in every sense in the last 2.5 years and it feels like I am only just seeing the wood from the trees now, in an ever-changing landscape. I hope to share this journey with you too as I try to build a company based on excellence, rather than profit.

In sports terms, which for so long dominated the ‘who’ I was to most of you, I ride a little, run a little and play a lot. I am focused on movement, longevity & ageing well rather than performance. I knocked that one out the park for a while, but it is just not sustainable in my current life. As I age, I realize that age is just a number and I hope to share some hacking ideas that have kept me fast on very little input in terms of time.

In closing, please hit the subscribe button in the footer so that you will get notified when I post new content pieces here. I cannot promise how regularly I will be writing, but I have blocked out time in my diary each day to write, some of it that will appear here and other that will remain private.

I have curated some content for reading here with some older writing and some articles from other websites, just to set the tone. Click the “see all” button for more details.

14th March 2017