The About Page

Every person has a story, a huge collection of decisions which brings them to the point where they get to write an “about me” page. Who am I? Where am I? What am I?

I have read a story about a woman, called Oriah Mountain Dreamer, who wrote my favourite poem, called “The Invitation”, who sat in front of a Buddhist monk and he asked her the same question for 2 days. She wasn’t allowed to leave, eat or drink. The more she wore down, the more she grew weary, the more came out about who she was, deep down.

Who we are, and what we are, are two different entities. What we are is basic, deep down and quite raw. Who we are is far more the visual perception we give the world about ourselves. Most people would sum me up for who I was as:


Indeed, a short summary. What I am is far more complex.


Those who are closest to me know me best, and I can do a pretty good job at keeping people at bay. Must be that Scorpio side of me, if you believe in those things…

But really, I’m just a guy who loves what’s blessed his life everyday. I love to be outdoors in the splendour of what’s been given to us. I love to cook with my hands. To sing in the car. To dance with friends. To swim. I love my family with all my heart. I am pursuing a life of balance and real meaning. I fill my mind with positive thoughts. I haven’t had a nightmare in 15 years.

I am crazy about the situations that coffee brings. And more than anything, I love to know the real side of people, not who they are, but what they are.

But what is this website about? It’s about wine, it’s about triathlon, it’s about coaching, it’s about life. It’s also about random moments of laughter, insight and knowledge. It’s about that balance in life we are all after.