Kleinhoekkloof Wines

Nestled high in the mountains of the Wildepaardekloof region in the Robertson Valley, South Africa, there is a piece of land which has been called “Holy Land” by one of our favorite visitors.

There are no religious connotations to this name, it purely stems from the energy and the overwhelming feeling that consumes you when you enter the gates of the farm. Those who have stayed on the farm with us comment that 2 days on Kleinhoekkloof can be likened to a 2 week holiday on a remote island. There is no reception for your phone, and the water out the taps comes straight from source high up in the mountain. At night its so quiet that your ears might ring on your first night there.

Tucked right in the back of the valley you need to travel through 2 other farms just to get to this hidden piece of heaven. The sun rises late over the eastern bank where the Merlot sits so that its not in the harsh sun for too long and sets late over the western bank so that the Shiraz, in loose shawl terroir, gets perfect sun to extract that perfume on the nose we are becoming more and more famous for. The farm also has a personal “grape cooler” in the 4:30pm wind which comes up without fail daily.

We currently also farm with the Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier varietals. Currently there is not one we would not bottle with a KHK label. Indeed we now produce Sauvignon Blanc and soon, a blend as well, all off the farm. The valley produces only the best, under the watchful eye lurking ominously in the mountain above the vineyards. Fresh water from the mountains ensures no chemical addition to the vines in their quest to be the best in the valley. Indeed, we have won the Vinpro Best Block Competition for our Merlot block of vines in 2009, placing 2nd behind an amazing block from Graham Beck Wines in 2010 for our newest Shiraz block.

Our farm is not yet open to the public, but we are getting there. You will find our wines in the most select range of restaurants. We do not do mass trade, and we want to avoid being in places where the waiters are not educated. Our wines are an experience, and we choose our locations as carefully as we go about our bunch trimming. Those who have access to our wines (we deal extensively in a private network of people who are crazy about them) relish them, and the referrals are constantly amazing us.

We grow organically every year, letting only the absolute best grapes on the already amazing farm in the valley into the bottle. We never plan to flood the market with our wines, or to appear in every restaurant. Kleinhoekkloof Handcrafted Wines are an occasion on their own, and sharing a bottle with anyone is considered a treat, an occasion and an experience.

Kleinhoekkloof Handcrafted Wines.

- The farm is a part of my family legacy. For more information and to buy the wines, please visit Kleinhoekkloof.co.za or contact me directly on the contact page. Thank you.