Pure Planet Racing

Pure Planet Racing is a small group of elite and celebrity multisport athletes who are creating a synergy between sporting excellence and social conscience. We love our planet. It gives us the freedom we seek on the trails, in the ocean and on the roads. We are passionate about making a difference to protect it.

The Pure Planet organisation is a start-up initiative by some inspired young people that aim to raise awareness around environmental impact and reduce the carbon footprint of every person on the earth. As an organisation, they are committed to endeavours that will enable us to become one of the first sporting teams to have a zero carbon impact, essentially racing around the world and raising awareness for their cause without leaving a footprint. The Team members will continuously drive an awareness campaign amongst their fellow athletes as how to become a greener athlete.

Pure Planet Racing participates in a range of multisport events, including single-day mountainbiking races, multi-day cycling and running stage-races, triathlon (from standard to Ironman distance, and Xterra off-road format), and extreme adventure races. These events take place throughout our home-base of South Africa, as well as in Europe.

Fairbairn Private Bank and BoE Private Clients, who both fall within the Nedbank Wealth stable, are co-title sponsors of Pure Planet Racing. In addition, Garmin South Africa, Velocity Sports Lab and Axis House have joined as supporting sponsors of this sporting initiative. The media partner is one of South Africa’s leading online blogs, www.urban-ninja.co.za. Pure Planet Racing encompasses the previous Fairbairn Private Bank Multisport Team (Team FPB) in this new, more exciting format, involving a range of existing and new athletes.

As we race the world, we aim to achieve sporting excellence whilst raising awareness for the important social issues surrounding environmental impact and social upliftment. Pure Planet Racing will document their sporting achievements through a photographic book, supported by leading local photographers.