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REHIDRAT® Sport is a leading oral electrolyte formulation designed to assist in providing good hydration before, during & after exercise.

• A balanced mixture of sugar and salts.
• Rich in essential electrolytes.
• Replenishes energy.
• No artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives
• Supports optimal hydration.
• Speeds up recovery after exercise

The importance of hydration in sportspeople

Dehydration is common in sports and can occur in just an hour of exercise or even more rapidly if the athlete is dehydrated before exercising or competing. 1

Basic signs of inadequate hydration in sportspeople: 1

• Thirst
• Weakness
• Cramps
• Decreased performance

Thirst is unfortunately a poor indicator of dehydration because it is a delayed response. An athlete can lose over 1.5 litres of body water before becoming thirsty. 1

Rehidrat Sport is available in 2 great flavours. Lemon/Lime & Naartjie

Directions for use

• Dissolve the contents of one sachet of hydration powder in at least 250 ml of cold water.
• Drink enough to quench thirst and replace the fluid lost during exercise
• Drink before, during and after exercise

Rehidrat Sport supports hydration before, during & after exercise.