It goes without saying, time is our most valuable currency.

There is nothing more evident of it than hanging with your children. They value it more than anything else you can give them – just hanging out with them. My boy is pretty self sufficient, but what he loves is having you in the room while he plays. He doesn’t need your attention all the time, but what he wants is to spend time with you playing hide and seek, bringing you toys, teaching him stuff – all essentially just time spent with him doing things at his level.

One of the biggest things fatherhood has taught me is that time is so very special. By the time he is 6, I will have spent 50% of my face time with him, according to statistics (even if I take them with a pinch of salt). That is a wake up call of note.

In 2016, I cut back my training and work hours to spend time with my son in the afternoons, so that I was also able to spend time with my wife in the evenings. Sure, it meant a lower income as an entrepreneur, but I have zero regrets as it was the most incredible time with my new family. My son & I have an incredibly special bond and I know its a direct result of having spent all that time with him, at his level, interacting with him.

For 2017, I have tried to compartmentalise my work hours into smaller, more focused blocks so that I can take time off without worrying about it and so that I am able to have time to learn a couple new skills this year. It means breaking my day down into one hour blocks, with a 5min ‘recovery’ in between, and with planned days off so that I can avoid the dreaded burnout I experienced at the end of last year. It also means letting other people do things, which runs at an expense, but I always compare it to a value I attach to my own time, and if its cheaper for others to do things, then I do it that way, as I can still spend the time being productive versus doing deliveries, collecting stock from customs, etc.

My current athletic goals include:

  • Improving physical strength (I was unable to do 15 pushups after 2 years of not swimming).
  • Skills improvement on the MTB (free time, if you have ever followed a Lamond down some singletrack)
  • Learn to wheelie

That gives a solid indication of how serious I am about sport at the moment. I am in a lovely transition phase, where 4 hours a week is what I have, and I need to max it out on that. So I have some daily routines which add up to that, such as:

5 x 25 pushups a day (total time 3min – I do them at the end of specific hours of work, to get the blood flowing)

5 x 15 squats a day (add it into the pushups to a total of 3min a day also in the blood flow improvement space)

Watching 1 x skills video on Youtube per day, then practising that skill when I ride.

I have yet to get into the wheelie thing, but once I nail this trackstand thing in the garden, wheelies will come.

Currently I am able to still maintain a decent amount of fitness this way (the odd KOM lets me know) and I am up to 125 pushups a day and climbing, from 15. GAINZ! There are many programs available for those who have little time and want to maintain some level of fitness. I just found a great one I am doing in April, HERE

My goals have nothing to do with high performance this year, but I still have goals, and they need to fit around a time schedule that is tight and focused around spending time with my family. I suppose you could say my number 1 goal for 2017 is to have more time to just sit and watch my son, talk with my wife and think about things. There is a freedom in knowing how to compartmentalise and having routines that work for these goals.

Sounds like I am getting old, but I still plan on kicking some ass. More on that later.