Last week, out the blue, I got a message from friend, coach & teammate John Wakefield  who asked me about an article I had written about a successful day. I had to trawl the now-defunct old Urban Ninja, which is in the background somewhere on Privateer and I found two posts that related, but one which stood out – THIS ONE

2 Years have passed since I wrote that one, and at the time, I was quite deep into starting a new business, Dale was 1 month pregnant (i.e no readers knew about this) and I was flat out into training for a daunting year end that included 3 stage races and the Double Century in the space of, wait for it, 6 weeks.

Things are very different now, just two years later.

I have a beautiful son who gives me such joy. I’m relatively fit or unfit, depending on which group I am riding with. My business is still going (yay!) and I enjoy most days in the office (yes, I even have an office).

So how have these 4 pillars adapted? How have I had to adjust things?


If anything is every going to prepare you for adventure racing, it must be a sprog. Those first 7 weeks are still a blur. I valued naps and sleep more than anything in that phase and Dale & I made sure that when we could sleep, we would. Eye masks, ear plugs – they were all used to maximise sleep when we could have it.

We got back to our 8 hours as quickly as we could train Jackson to sleep through, which really gave us our lives back. Sleep is still the number 1 thing we focus on and if you really want to see the benefits, watch your child when they are sleeping properly – their lives are markedly better.


We are still on the same track there. Two years down the line, I am up to my 7th year without getting sick and the concept of having a GP on speed dial is beyond me. Our boy has been to the GP once (he caught a virus which gave him a seizure and shortly after, he caught a lurgy as his immune system was compromised) and the person who suffered most in these two years is my wife, but let’s face it – she grew a fricken human, then sustained its life for 8 months entirely from her own body.

If that doesn’t make you sit up and marvel at the amazing gift of life that a woman can give, nothing will.


This is still high, but I work on it every day. For the last month, I have been trying out working 4 days a week with the 5th day being a monitoring day. So far, its all working out. My business is driven by corporate and seemingly in South Africa, n key decisions get made on a Friday in Corporate South Africa.

Last year, I burnt it badly around this time of the year, so this year, I booked 10 floatation sessions in 10 weeks leading into the Double Century, and seemingly, its helped. I feel calm, content and fairly rested considering I am working most nights and have a mega high work volume.

It’s a work in progress, much like me (as I keep reminding my wife).


The gift of a child, man, that will bring you together like nothing. End of story.

Eat well
Rest well
Stress less
Love more

All still apply, but just in slightly different ways. Life has changed in so many ways and yet, its mostly still the same.

30th November 2017